Gracefully Brave

Grace and courage true. Braving years as challenges stirred Time, bringing change. Radiant colour! The spark in scene holding court, Sense of duty strong. But gentle smile, the loving Gran to all there,… Continue reading

the space between

…in the space between anguish and joy a fluttering softness remains a quiet voice of one lost —in rending of heart— but a delicate bloom that will not fade out of reach now… Continue reading

Golden Days

I do not know what will be as Golden days come my way now, an unknown fear that plays with me, No explanation to why or how. I will embrace the days with… Continue reading


In the calm quiet a burning Hope rages on. Fierce BOLD courage here. I cannot lift up the weight of anguish, resting on fallen shoulders. But I can give, pray. Astounded by a… Continue reading

Familial stranger

A funny sparkle, Connection, drawing in, yet You did not know. The familiar face. The laugh and lift you brought, shared effortlessly here. Wise words, clarity An offering uniting Strangers across miles. A… Continue reading


Twinkling Sparkle Dazzling light Lift me up fully in festive delight. Basking in brightness. Shattering shade. Carrying it with me, I will NOT let it fade. Festive and Cheerful, Holding it long, Joyfully… Continue reading

A Different Autumn

A different Autumn has come, full and bold, boasting a Glorious show.  And waning spirit trying to rise, clings to this new Hope, teasing success. But… Can fleeting colour be trusted, when its… Continue reading

The UPside View

The upside view is best when listening to sighs filter out the mess, where breeze in command of pause of breath reward, stirs resting to welcome. But petals splayed will fall, and leaf… Continue reading

Trapped in the blur

As it goes, moments move and I ride through the breeze only to wonder The… my anchor waits f l o a t i n g beyond my reach there. It teases me,… Continue reading


A Re-post in celebration of TREES, lush and full again, lifting the soul during this pandemic. Hello Trees I see you from below Happy that you glow green again. Hello Trees You lift… Continue reading