There’s nothing like Colour

There is nothing like COLOUR!

Yes I spell it “Colour” and not “Color.” Something about the “u” just makes sense. Colour to me is something beyond a swatch of fabric or a paint brush stroke. Colour is living and breathing and all encompassing. Colour creates deep rooted feelings, inspires, delights, calms, excites. There comes a stirring inside that can enrapture and transport with just the right shade or hue. 

Sure Black and White have their place in the grand scheme of powerful and dynamic, whether it be fashion, photography or the written word. But Colour goes beyond, reaching depths Black and White cannot. 

Colour is used to speak a message or make a point. Breast Cancer has its soft pink, the gay community has the rainbow, Red is usually reserved for Heart health.  You come to associate the colour with the cause.

Yet sometimes I wish Colour was simply free from all the politics. I wish you could look up at a rainbow and not think about the next Pride parade. I wish wearing a pale pink shirt did not mean I have necessarily lost a loved one to breast cancer. 

Yes I know the causes need their logos. But whether it be bright and bold or soft and tranquil, Colour should just dazzle the senses without obligation. The colours in a painting such as this backdrop explode and mesmerize simply because of their pure value  and nothing more. 

I wear coloured bracelets every day. Why? Because they remind me of inspiration. They let me get lost in creative potential as if anything can happen or be. I wear colour because it makes me smile and just feel good even when the events of the day direct my attention elsewhere. 

I once heard the phrase “in the gloaming.” It referred to that time of day just around early evening at dusk. What a powerful phrase! In those words you can just sense the pastel shades splashed against the sky and a calmness somehow takes over as everything winds down. 

I love Colour! It inspires me and speaks to me on a level I may not be able to properly explain but its there and it does and… I’m grateful for it.