Editing Woes and the better Blog

There is nothing like the highs and lows of editing to bring one to tears. I have spent the better part of yesterday and most of today just trying to feel my way around WordPress (I apologize for the missing post). I have been agonizing over format, page, menu! Each time I think I have something figured out, I turn around and have lost the data.

I hate that I am even spending quality time complaining about it. The fact is I really want to be good at this. I want to write freely and tap the depths of my imaginative thought to see what rises gloriously to the surface. I want to write so effortlessly and eloquently as some of the really great blogs I’ve seen so far like My Life as Herbst. But when I lose a day getting bogged down in miserable messy edits, sometimes its better to just walk away and… start fresh again tomorrow.