DPchallenge: Dialogue

“What’s this?” she asked confused.

“Look at it,” he replied with a slight smirk. She didn’t like that smirk.

“It looks like jewelry,” she stated flatly. Suddenly she felt a shock in her gut.

“Open it,” he started to smile.

“It’s a ring! Wow! It’s… it’s gorgeous!” she exclaimed, her gut tightening further.

All at once, the white lights strung throughout the black metal fence that enclosed them in the outdoor Parisian café came on. She didn’t know how to continue.

“I…” she attempted, holding the small red felt-covered box up to one of the nearby bulbs. “It’s so incredible, but…”

“But what?” he asked perplexed. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, he thought. “Try it on.”

“No,” she replied.

“What? Come on, try it on,” he started to plead. Pleading was not supposed to be a part of such a significant moment as this.

“No, I can’t,” she continued, staring at the sparkling stunner in her hands. Why did it have to be so spectacular?

“I don’t understand,” he said, running his hand through his dark bushy hair. “What girl doesn’t at least want to try one on.”

“What’s that supposed to me?” she said, suddenly hurt by his comment. Did he think a diamond was going to make everything better?

“I’m sorry, I just… here, let me help you,” he reached over for the felt box when she pulled it away.

“I don’t need help! I’m perfectly capable of trying on a ring myself,” she scolded.

“Then why aren’t you putting it on?” He asked, annoyed now, his frustration obvious in his tone.

She just looked at him, tears lay just beneath the surface of her anger. Without warning, the sound of shattered glass crashed behind her. She turned around to see a young waiter bending to pick up the dessert plates he had just dropped.

“Are you going to hold it all night? Because if you are you might as well just give it back to me,” he said coldly.

That was it! She snapped the case closed and tossed it at him.

“Whoa, watch it, damn it!” he remarked. “Do you have any idea how much that cost me?”

“Am I supposed to apologize for that?” she stammered.

“What the hell is going on? I thought this was going to be an incredible night for us. Here in Paris, romantic lighting, our favourite café. I don’t get it. I did everything right,” he said dejected.

“According to whom?” she fired back.


“According to whose plan? Yours? Mine? Your buddies?” she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Babe what is it?” he asked bewildered, leaning in to contain the scene. “I love you. Don’t you know that by now?”

“If you loved me you wouldn’t have bought that. If you loved me, You wouldn’t have taken me here. You wouldn’t have… been with her!!!” There, she said it. Finally, the words stifled and hidden for so long, twisting and knotting inside of her, were now free.

He looked up, his eyes wide. “You… you know?” he said softly.

And that’s all it took. She rose, pushed her ornate metal chair out noisily and rushed out as fast as she could. Pushing passed the wait staff and other patrons, she ran down the cobblestone street of her favourite city in the whole world hoping to reach the hotel steps before she fell completely apart.

peekiequeen fiction c.2013