Dear Ms. Paltrow, if I could have a word…

Dear Ms. Paltrow: I am sorry to admit this but I do feel some jealousy toward you.

I have been a big fan of your work over the years but most admire how you have re-invented yourself or merely allowed a new side of you to come out into the world. With your GOOP site and your cookbooks, it seems, well you can do no wrong. (How is that?)

I do not wish you any harm and don't particularly envy any one aspect of your life, although living in England part-time, and New York, being married to Chris Martin, having sparkly friends, always looking flawless or flourishing in your every endeavour may be a thing or two. However, what I would like to ask is that you don't forget the rest of us.

I know GOOP for one is meant to reach a wonderfully wide audience and I am intrigued in each newsletter to see what incredibly new tidbit you are offering. But we can't keep up! I'm afraid you aim too high.

I mean I love Stella McCartney clothing too but will I ever be able to afford any of it? Sure this or that hotel in London or New York is impeccable and luxurious, but I would have to sell my car for one overnight stay.

If I could speak to you in person (I didn't bother you when you brushed passed me at the Toronto International Film Festival some years ago), I would ask that you don't forget us little people. That even though we may not live so high as you, admiring you can still be done if only you would remember what it was like when your bank account didn't have so many zillions of 0,00000s behind it.

Perhaps the next time you recommend a gorgeous new fitted top or the perfect "quick and easy school lunch" you might want to offer an alternative comparable item at a reasonable price followed by a recipe with ingredients we can pronounce and maybe, just maybe find at the local grocer.

I wish you continued success with all your efforts Ms. Paltrow including your family life, film career and Lifestyle business, just please…don't forget about the rest of us.

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