“We’re happy free confused and lonely at the same time”

They walked into the room and smiled. When the chance was given to them, they stood at the microphone and began to share.

"We're happy to be young. Young is fresh and exciting. There's so much to do. So much to accomplish. It seems nothing can stand in our way," said the first one.

But the mic was stolen away by another. "Yeah! It's all about freedom. If we're left alone, we can fly, be, do whatever we want. We can reach that potential that you all seem to believe we have, but that we haven't even discovered yet."

But the third one wasn't so cheerful. Microphone in hand, she went on, "That may be so, but i don't always feel that. Sometimes I'm so confused by it all that I can't see my way clear. My head is cloudy and nothing makes any sense."

That's when the leader stepped in. "But confusion can help you. It can push you in directions, force you to be awake, to feel, experience, grow in new ways. It keeps your mind sharp and hungry."

"I don't know about that," said number four. "Sometimes in confusion, the loneliness comes and weighs down so heavily that I can't lift my head."

"But you have us," said number one. "You're not alone in this."

"Yeah well even when I'm with you I sometimes feel lost, forgotten. You all can get busy, distracted and I feel like I'm left out of the whatever the pursuit is in the moment."

"We don't mean to exclude you," said number two. "We're all in this together. Please, if we lose our way, talk to us. Tell us, reach out. Sometimes I'm afraid you hide it all too well."

Number four looked up and sighed. "I guess you're right. It is partly my fault too. I gotta learn to open my mouth."

"Yeah and when you do, you'll see how much there is out there to enjoy and to enjoy along with us," said number one.

The leader stood smiling. Progress, good honest progress today. "Don't forget each other," he offered. "You are all going through the same things. The important point to remember is that you stay happy free confused and maybe even lonely in a good way. I know that sounds funny but it's the leaning on each other that counts. Make it work."

They all smiled and hugged one another. And then the pizza arrived.

peekiequeen fiction c.2013

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