The Choice

sits there
unattended and
grey. But its actually
not grey. Its blue and black.
Colour doesn’t really matter as
its purpose lies beyond the surface.
For once it is lifted from there where it lies,
a tremendous thing will happen. For it is a magical
thing and magical things have their purpose. But you ask
how magical and really, what can it do, for, after all, it just sits there.
Yes it does. It is in lifting it from its place that the magic begins for
the lifting is a choice. That choice is an action. That action is a release.
That release creates the foundation for the magic beneath. The question then
is will magic be released today? Will the choice be made? Will the willing
lift and welcome the magic willingly? I cannot be the one to know for
it is a task outside of me when it is not within my grasp. I have made
the choice in times past, and I have felt the magic, seen it at work.
Loved and admired it. But I am not the all wise to know. It is there
for any and all. Who will step up? Who will reach forward? Who
will take it from its place and, engage, jump into the depths
and be touched by the magic therein? Only time can know for
minutes are not mine to keep and hold so as to watch it steadily
there waiting, lying still. But I throw the challenge
out to the world. I throw it up as a challenge you see
for soon something darker will arrive. It will be black
not grey. It will be black in colour too and that
colour will matter. Why will it matter? It will
matter because it will signal a new choice. It
will signal the choice that offers an
even greater magic as more magic will
exist there beneath than the first…
some will claim. There may be more
“magic” there, but it’s not the same.
That magic ignited and released
will send the one in
another direction
and it is not a
direction for
which I
want to

peekiequeen c.2013