Fall conjures Creativity… still!


I miss school but only one period of schooling in my life, my university years.

I miss the excitement of FALL and the start of a new routine. The University campus was so beautiful and vast that just being a member of that community by basically being a registered student was enough to thrill me.

But what Fall always (and still does) meant was a fresh start, a chance to begin again, create, imagine, live vibrantly and eagerly. Since the campus was so vast, it was enough to just walk around outdoors from building to building for stimulating thoughts to enter in.

I don't particularly miss the work at all. Term paper deadlines, reports, hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent on text books and supplies, cramming and exams, do not warm my heart or mind.

But even in the midst of that kind of chaos, there was an underlying excitement of just being there and nurturing my mind in all aspects.

That I truly miss, and am so grateful to have had.

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