Novel by Numbers


Ok so on the eve of attending another writers’ festival workshop, I am sitting down and wrapping my head around the great NOVEL I have been writing.

It has been all-consuming and then distant and then back in focus with a vengeance… and then has slipped away, in the cloud of summer distraction and blog launches.

But I have found my way back. And so here I am.

I don’t want to give too much away just yet but I thought it would be fun to look at it through a breakdown of numbers:

Title: Fallout
How many novels preceded this one: 2 (if you count the one I did at 16)
Started working on it: in 2007
Working on: 6 years
Number of years spent on previous novel: 12
Number of drafts and revisions to OUTLINE: 3
Word Count (at the moment): 93,955
Chapters (at the moment): 34
Main key Characters: 3
Number of Sub-characters who are important: 5-7
Months I have neglected it: 3
Deadline in months that I WILL finish manuscript: 3-4 (by Dec 31? will not hope)
Number of kids at home distracting me from it: 2
Number of pieces of paper used in the editing process: at least a gazillion, maybe a little less
Number of liquid ink pens used for editing: so far 2 (not counting the old fashion plain ink pens used before I discovered these cool liquid ink ones, wow!)
Number of colours the sheets of paper used to insert chapter revision/new episode inserts: 3
Number of binders holding editing pages: 1
Number of hours spent working on writing/editing: priceless!

Stay tuned for more…

Image from Math Blog