The movement of Time


Being giddy with excitement definitely has an effect on Time.

It’s crazy really.

You sit waiting for that favourite band to take to the stage, or the new boots you ordered to arrive at your door, or the guest of honour to enter the surprise party you’ve planned and it can be… agonizing!

I have been trapped in such a twisted limbo that suddenly, something that began as excitement and anticipation, slowly morphs into a tense mess of stress and anxiety.

And then when it happens, whatever that it may be, Time sprints forward, races on and dissolves before your eyes.

What if we could personally control the flow of Time? What would we do with that kind of power?

Would we slow things down to a slow-mo pace as we watched things unfold in tremendous detail?

Could we stop Time instead?

Maybe walk up to your favourite singer while he/she is on stage and stand face to face with them admiring them at an unimaginable closeness? Stand a minute or ten longer to admire the view at the top of Rock, basking in the evening glow of the most incredible city ever?

Or would it better to be able to skip the minutes along like the simple swish of a finger upon a digital device? Then we could get past pain, discomfort or anxiety and bring relief. Only here you wouldn’t be controlling an app, you’d be changing the very fabric of existence? And maybe it would turn out ok for you? But what about everyone else? Would your simple finger swish instead take away joy and bring misery to someone else?

I think the old saying, “Good things come to those who wait” does hold value. But I have to admit, I’m guilty of the desire to want that magical wand that would allow me to rewind and replay that GREAT MOMENT at least once more, before it drifted off into memory.

But since that unfathomable power does not exist, let us then be happy, no, better… joyous in the moments lived, shared and experienced and not devalue the very essence of that which brought it to life.

“Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time
When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.