Jump? Don’t jump?

She sat at the edge of the cliff. She could see the ocean swirly blue and foamy crashing against the rocks down below. Wow, that sure is a long way down, she thought.

She stood up and allowed the gentle breeze that quickly whipped up into a boisterous wind, wash over her. It couldn't move her.

"What if I jumped?" She began to contemplate. "Would I survive the drop? It looks pretty menacing." She knew who would jump without hesitation, her older brother. He was the fearless one in the family. The greater the terror, the more he relished the excitement and adrenalin rush.

But it was her decision now. Was she going to step up? Hard to say. There was no impetus motivating her. Why risk it.

Then all of a sudden she heard rustling footsteps on the rocky ground, behind her. She turned to see her brother.

"Whatcha doing chicken?" he asked.

"Gazing at the ocean," she replied.

"What for chicken?" he joked.

"Because it's beautiful and scary," she said.

"Then why don't you go and meet it Chicken. Or are you too scared?" he teased now.

She didn't say anything. He walked over closer to her now.

"I said chicken too scared to jump? It's just water chicken. There's nothing to be…" he attempted to say before… she pushed him over.

He splashed hard down below. When he came up, he waved his fist at her.

“Nah, no jumping today,” she chuckled and then walked away from the edge.

peekiequeen c.2013

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