Along the path, the swirl of colour draped throughout my day,
It paced itself with every breath, it danced as it did sway.

I marveled at its beauty, and the silence was complete,
The red, the amber, burnished fire, was brilliant and sweet.

I lingered long and breathed so deep, the air afresh with hope,
Creative gems of inspiration, muse, I could not cope.

I longed to stop and write it down, and capture every sense,
But as the breeze kicked up around, my heart it grew so tense.

The moments passed, as Autumn does, a rapid change took form,
The beauty slipped between the cracks, the chill stole what was warm.

The trees once tall and radiant were skeletons of bliss,
A hope once felt so deep within, was now a winter kiss.

I wanted to turn back the clock, and slow time then and there,
I hadn’t savoured every leaf, their vibrance or their flare.

I wept for faded Fall did rush on past me and beyond,
Another season’s hope of change, had vanished and had gone.

But when I closed my eyes that night, in solitude and peace,
The images returned with force, the splendor was released.

An Autumn glory, sewn in magic deep within my heart,
And now it was left up to me, with pen, to do my part.

So here I have, a fallen Fall is moving on too fast,
Do savour, relish, celebrate, before its in the past.

peekiequeen poetry c. Oct. 2013