DP: Ear of the Beholder

There is something profound and transformative that happens to me when I hear an amazing piece of music.

Whether it is instrumental or pop, a love ballad or dance tune, if the notes are aligned just right, and if it all makes sense to me, it becomes “Ear Candy.”

What is Ear Candy? It’s that treat for your ears, that overwhelming feeling that begs you to sit still and take in the richness of the notes, the magic of good lyrics and a voice that unites it all together.

If it is truly profound enough, I can be moved to tears (something some people cannot understand. Why tears if you’re not sad?) If it is light and fluffy but so much fun, then I just want to get up and dance and move and sing it at the top of my lungs.

Music can transform the moment for me. I become transfixed, transported beyond where I am into another untouchable world, for a short while. There all that matters is the tune or lyrics or both. It speaks to me, moves me, makes me feel, knocks me out or lifts me up.

The right music can inspire me, push me forward to create and breathe it along into some other spectacular form. But if I am enraptured, the words cannot flow, the description cannot come for it becomes beyond words or explanation. And sometimes, tears express it best.

I cannot live without music. It nourishes the soul, the mind, the heart. It delves deep and becomes muse.

Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder