Frantic Francis Faces Fears

Fraught with uncertainty, Francis entered the room.

Fully agitated, he sat in the corner.

Forcing a smile, he surveyed the scene.

Frenetically aware, he was in the wrong place.

Feigning pain, he rose toward the door.

Feeling self-conscious, he quickened his pace.

Friendly and kind, Anna saw him.

Fanning herself, she hoped he’d see her.

Forgetting his bag, he returned to the corner.

Fancifully creative, she greeted him.

Frozen still, he nervously heard her.

Fleeing discomfort, he smiled warmly.

Freeing himself, he allowed her a moment.

Fond of him, she beckoned to sit.

Fearing he’d leave, she suggested coffee.

Faint of heart, he tried to look brave.

Facing Francis, Anna nodded toward the door.

Flattered by forwardness, he smiled and accepted.

Following her out, his heart felt light.

Flinging off care, he allowed himself happiness.

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peekiequeen c. October 2013

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