Novel Update #3: Chapter Checklist

I attempted to go back to bed this morning after getting the family up and out the door. I failed.

Unfortunately this has been a tough week of sleep for me. Dealing with children’s nightmares and my own over active mind has left me pretty exhausted.

But I did finally get to work. I wanted to make sure that I continued to adopt the inspired new outlook I had gleaned from the writers festival last month. I hoped to re-ignite my story with a fresh new approach to story-telling.

So I pulled out my Editing Binder and began reviewing where I had left off.

The challenge for me however was that even though I had already printed chapters 1-20 (out of 34 so far), I tackled six chapters today. Six chapters of editing? Not bad right? Problem is I continue to edit and re-edited them feeling like I’m moving forward painstakingly slow.

With greater detail being added in the “showing” not “telling” technique of story-telling, comes intensely focused lengthy reviews of each chapter.

My aim is to attack them in such a way as to highlight episodes concerning the 3 main characters of Sam, his wife Mary and his long time friend Cooper and let the other-character-driven-chapters fade away. I must tighten up the story to concentrate on a more narrow stream rather than too many strands that tend to digress out of control.

I ended up with:
* Chapter 4 becoming the New 6 & 7
* Chapter 5 becoming the New 8
* Chapter 6 becoming the New 9
* I inserted a completely revised Chapter 10
* Old Chapter 7 becoming the New 11
* Chapter 8 becoming the new 12
* and lucky Chapter 9 ended up being divided into the New 13, 14 and 15.

Why bore you with such an insignificant chart? Well it’s always nice to see what you’ve accomplished in a nice little checklist.

So where do I go from here? I hope to continue from 15-20 before printing off the next batch (yes good ol’ fashion liquid ink pen and paper for me. Don’t remind me of all the transcribing that lies ahead.)

If I can wrap my mind around the new version of the manuscript, than the writing will flow much easier. I hope. Stay tuned…