O’Halloween! O’Halloween!


Orange and black are set in place to decorate the night,
As parents and their young ones rush around to cause some fright.

They’ve dressed themselves in costumes that hide everything within,
With wigs and masks, some cloaks and crazy beards they wear on chin.

The fun and all the squeals explode, as door-to-door they go,
To see whose bag will fill the most, a great big bragging show.

The candy, sweets of every kind, excitement fills the air,
But mom and dad must first go through each one with special care.

Then just before the evening’s through, and bedtime should commence,
A promise for one treat or two, becomes oh, quite intense.

“Which one? How’s this? or maybe that? I can’t decide right now!”
But speed must be the trick no matter what, where, when or how.

“Let’s go, come on, that’s quite enough you’ve had more than your fill,”
“To bed you go, with dreams of sweets, all houses now rest still.”

A Hearty Happy Halloween to you and every one,
May it be colourful, and safe and oh so very fun.

peekiequeen poetry c. October 31, 2013