Hemingway speaks on… Blogging?

What if Ernest Hemingway could share his thoughts on Blogging…

Posts are information. If you don't want people to know something, don't write it.
If you want to share, be brief. No one likes long winded.
Be yourself. Don't try being someone you aren't. It's pointless and only makes you look the fool.
Be brave. Don't care what others think of what you say unless your intention is to hurt. Then don't write it at all. No one wants to consciously make an enemy.
Be strong. Criticism can come in many forms. Sometimes even silence can smack you in the face.
Be prepared. Don't dally in insignificance. Say what matters and be on your way. People will value that honesty.
Be bold. A post is the best medium for boldness. Let your heart out but protect what is most dear.
Be cautious. Cautious does not mean weak. Nor does it mean lacklustre.
Be aware there is an audience willing to read you.
Be respectful. Insults are for cowards who cannot formulate a heartfelt point.
Be clear. Concise and detailed go a long way in communicating what is important.
Write until you have nothing left. Going at it with your ALL is the only course.
Don't try to inspire. That will come if you do your work right.
Your efforts will be rewarded. Rewards can be as simple as a like or even a dislike. At least someone was paying attention.
Be proud of accomplishments when you have done a task. Don't beat yourself up for what's left to do. Life is too short for whining.
If it matters to you, it already matters.
Just keep at it.
Hang in there.
Good luck.

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