Christmas Wrapping


Whirling, the colour it crinkles around,
My head is a mess with the chaos and sound.
Desperately trying to find where it goes,
Walking so carefully upon my toes.

Nothing should break, all the boxes stay strong,
The room is chaotic, that paper is wrong.
“Don’t you dare peek, you will ruin all the fun,
And Mommy will scream and be sad when you’re done.”

Cuz’ secrets are kept so well covered like so,
The wrapping’s a tease, they can’t wait for the show.
But that comes in time when Mom’s figured it out,
And knows that all gifts are not lying about.

Now don’t misinterpret, I’m having my share
of fun whilst I wrap and let Bing fill the air.
But minutes tick on and there’s still much to do,
I haven’t got time to misplace one or two.

I need to stay focused with everything here,
To make sure the labels and ribbons appear
On each that is meant for the person in mind
And not to forget the right colour or kind.

Then all will rejoice when the wrapping is torn,
And Mom will watch sadly, as bows lie forlorn.
But smiles and laughter, the squeals matter more
And quietly I will pick up off the floor,

The tattered, the ripped, all the crinkled up mess
And stuff all the paper up under my dress
then put it all secretly back in a bag
And save it for next year where it wears a new tag.

So blogging must end, I go back to the fray,
To wrapping, unpacking, the labels at bay.
Then when I am done, and my bed beckons “now!”
With glee in my heart I will settle somehow,

When Christmas arrives and each item revealed,
The spirit unleashed and the joyful unsealed,
I’ll sit in the corner and watch with great pride
And beam with a smile bright, cheery and wide.

peekiequeen poetry c. December 9, 2013

Image from Instructables