A New Year’s Call…


The hours tick on rapidly as time begins to fly
The year’s adventure, highs and lows they both can make you cry.
2013’s ’bout to end, excitement will explode,
A Ball to drop, champagne in hand, is everyone’s best mode.

There may be sparkle on the clothes or comfy pillows near,
However you may toast it bold, it is a time to cheer.
A dance and celebration noise or simply movie night,
The treat is truly marking minutes til the day’s NEW light.

Though some may weep, or others ache, there’s still much we can share,
That through it all, we’ve been a hug and shown such tender care.
We will not let the memories slip away in busy days,
For all we hold so dear to heart remain in every phase.

Yet still a great fresh start awaits the courage of a leap,
and every single one of us is called to climb the heap.
To be so brave, to change it up, to make a new year’s jump
To rise above and stand real tall to conquer every hump.

Then lights burst forth, a shower rains of colour everywhere,
As 13 moves on to 1-4, and love is in the air.
And so a hearty Happy New Year sent to one and all,
In hopes that every one of you will answer your NEW call.

A Very Happy 2014 to Everyone! Cheers!

peekiequeen January 1, 2014

Image: from Tales from the Barstool