Novel Update #5

Well I’m pleased to say that I have been busy this week… WRITING!!

Actually writing and editing. I jumped back into my manuscript Fallout , which I hadn’t touched since October once November Christmas shopping began. (I won’t even mention the disintegrated deadline that came and went).

Wow, it sure was nice to meet up with my characters again. Felt like visiting old friends, well, friends that you could completely control and create to behave exactly as you wish. 🙂

I had to add in a couple NEW episodes to fill out some chapters and then omitted other little moments yet again. In my ongoing effort to streamline the narrative I had decided to eliminate extraneous scenes/episodes as per Novel Update #4. That of course isn’t as easy as it sounds. For anyone who has created a story with great dialogue and colourful individuals, letting them go is tough. But when you start to look at things with a singular focus, then you realize how extra weight can just get in the way.

So in order to do that, I wanted to pay extra attention to any scene that didn’t include the three main characters of Sam, his wife Mary and close friend Cooper, or reveal something that would directly be pertinent to them.

I had to also insert Cooper earlier on in the story. By going back to earlier chapters, I made reference to him or added him into a scene so that the reader could better understand his journey and how deep his relationship to our key player Sam ran before the breakdown happens.

I also finally managed to create a definitive ARC for the narrative with a clear ending. Hooray! That was a long time in coming. I had a sort of sense of how I wanted the novel to end but now I feel (a bit) more confident about exactly where my characters are going.

And so we shall see how profound an effect Cooper’s presence will have on the overall story. Until next time…

Editing Postscript: Edited Newly revised Chapters 21-24. And on it goes…