Flash Mobs: the Closest thing to World Peace

The Historic Antwerp station Flash Mob 2010

Every single time I watch a Flash Mob come together, tears flood my eyes. I’m not in pain. I’m not feeling unwell or hurting. So why the tears?

It’s a sudden overwhelming of emotion that takes over when I see a large group of strangers come together for pure and utter cheerful entertainment.

For those of you unfamiliar with Flash Mobs, they are “a sudden mass gathering, unanticipated except by participants who communicate electronically,” to arrange to perform in a public place.

I believe that a Flash Mob is the closest thing we will ever come to World Peace. Let me explain.

The motivation for doing it is pure satisfaction in making others happy (except of course for a rare few who may orchestrate them for self-promotion as coordinators but even still, I don’t believe there is any malicious intent). There is no secret agenda to be played, no product being sold. Just, well, fun.

The act of doing it is so very positive. It takes great boldness and confidence to even step forward to kick it off. Usually it begins with one or two people dancing to a song blared overhead on loud speakers. To participate, let’s face it, takes guts of steel. And there is also the tremendous pleasure in being a part of something so incredibly inspiring.

Then there is the startled reaction usually leading to full-face grins and happy hearts. For five to 10 minutes the audience focuses its attention solely on something that is neither harmful nor unkind. There’s nothing to fear or worry about. They can let their cares go momentarily and just be present to something amazing. They watch transfixed, a peaceful, uplifting, energetic burst of true and honest entertainment and it makes them feel good.

It unites people of all ages and cultures. I have seen gatherings, no matter the skin colour or mother tongue, burst into song or dance united in a common goal of simple positivity. A hope-filled coming together. They have no idea what personal struggles exist in the crowd all around them. For a brief time, they merely help distract away the troubles and that is a beautiful endeavour to behold.

The first one I ever saw take shape, though on a much smaller scale, was the JK Wedding video. To be so brave and daring at a wedding of friends and family is truly something to admire. Talk about a memorable start to a marriage. It’s probably what helped inspire the likes of what took place in the movie Love Actually.

No one fusses with how they look. They aren’t concerned about making a fool of themselves. The only thing that is essential is keeping to the beat of a song, the rhythm of an orchestral performance or knowing the right lyrics to stay on track.

The behind-the-scenes preparation doesn’t matter to onlookers. For all they know, these strangers have literally come out of nowhere and magically move in sync. I’d like to think there is a little magic involved, for to convince strangers to make the leap is quite a feat.

Our world needs more of this kind of unification, of this joy. I’m not saying that people should go about their lives spontaneously singing and dancing. I mean a coming together in harmonious unison to achieve something great.

Until then, I’ll just keep hoping and praying and believing that its possible.

Here are a few more to enjoy but just search You Tube and you’d be amazed at what you will see. Guaranteed, you’ll feel good afterwards.

Lisbon airport Christmas 2010

I Believe She’s Amazing Flash Mob – Toronto Eaton Centre

The Biggest Flash Mob ever of Lady Gaga in the Bayonne’s festivals

1st Bollywood Flash Mob in Greece Official Video

Musical ones:
Flashmob Flash Mob – Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy) Beethoven S

Flash Mob Giuseppe Verdi 2


More Personal
Times Square NYC Flash Mob Proposal

peekiequeen c. Th. January 16, 2014