Unspoken Speaking

woman in blue dress 2

As i looked up, wow, there she was
misty ethereal blue
a splash of red above her head
in motion of purpose too

The rain it splattered everywhere
a golden dance carefree
but hovering high above her sky
it’s like t’was meant to be

She was a vision, swirling dash
a luscious light to all
they watched with ease, perhaps a tease
her coatless body crawl

Torrential flood it carried on
she never stopped though wet
they marvelled there, exposed and bare
she didn’t seem to fret

Umbrella red, it shielded her
from probably more than rain
her quickened step, a bit of pep
her hurried feet in pain

I wondered what was on her mind
she didn’t look around
her leather bag, began to sag
still steady steps on ground

The grey behind, the flecks of dark
the golden lighted way
she stood out still, determined will
high heels their final day

I wish i could go on and speak
i’d ask where off she flew
i’d help her there, i wouldn’t stare
i may just have a clue

Alas, she walked on fast and fierce
i let it go at that
instead i took, the bended hook
uprooted where she sat

Not quite a hundred dollars, good
but worth each single cent
i’d take her home, and there she’d roam
contented, with money spent.

peekiequeen poetry, c. Tues. Jan. 21, 2014