Ode to LEGO Creations


In the great big pile
Sitting on the floor,
Lies a certain something,
No one knows what for.

Buried under colour,
Bright red, yellow, green,
Waiting for its purpose,
Called upon when seen.

“Is it just as big as
Robots that transform,
Hot wheel cars that race
Fast and whip up a storm?

Or can it be squishy,
Something fuzzy light,
That you bring to bed when
Darkness ushers night?”

No it isn’t any
Of these special things,
For its much more grand
Than Royals wearing rings.

“Does it have a colour
Of its own to boast?
Can I touch and feel it
Like some cheese or toast?”

No there is no colour,
Yet you’ll know it’s there
When you get that feeling,
Nothing can compare.

It can sparkle brightly
Open up your mind,
Make you dance and sing loud
When it’s what you find.

“How can I go looking,
Know what it’s all for,
If I cannot see it
Lying upon the floor?”

Cuz’ its more than something
Tangible in hand,
It will show you how to
Snap and make it stand.

You will find your answers
When the light is on,
And your mind is ready ,
Building til you yawn.

“Please just go and tell me,
I really want to know,
What this magic something
Is, so I can go.”

Here is what you seek now,
My big cryptic tease:
Something you MUST seize.

Nuture it with effort,
Have your bestest fun,
When you let it linger,
Imagine what you’ve done.

You will stand up proudly,
Thrilled for what you did,
Made a certain something
By One Special Kid.

peekiequeen poetry c. Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014