Dear John Green…

“I spend a lot of time thinking about people and what motivates them and why they care about the stuff they care about and fear the stuff they fear…And I try to watch and notice and pay attention to my characters with that same level of focus.” Author John Green

Dear Mr. John Green: I would like to honour You today. Why? Because I believe You are a Marvel to behold!

As a NY Times Best Selling Author not to mention social media master, You hardly require an introduction let alone any further promotion from the likes of me. Yet when people come along that inspire and dazzle us, its worthy to note their influence and celebrate their gifts out loud.

I am in awe of all that You do and perplexed at how You can keep it together in the midst of a life that is obviously in Overdrive.

Recounting your achievements is like compiling a Bucket List: video blogging with your brother Hank weekly through Vlog Brothers, offering fascinating historical, literary, scientific, and more-themed info blurbs through Crash Course, helping to launch The Art Assignment with your wife Sarah (uniting artists with the rest of us in the most incredibly creative ways)

Yet somehow in between all of this, You have managed to start a family, publish four novels, co-author two, see through the production of one of your books, The Fault in Our Stars, to the Big Screen, and attend numerous public speaking engagements as guest lecturer and honestly the list goes on…

However today I celebrate not these specific accomplishments but rather the many facets of You as a public persona which I find to be quite fascinating:

1. The speed at which You talk: Fastest speaker I have ever heard. The bonus of this ingenious ability is that You challenge your audience to be focused and attentive listeners to whatever topic You are discussing.

2. You Command Attention: Mr. Green you have the uncanny gift of not only providing intriguing tidbits about well nearly everything, You also seem to savour with great interest whatever it is You are talking about. As a result, You work Your magic on us and in turn, we become just as fascinated by the subject matter, be it how the brain works or whether or not You’ve ever heard a Justin Bieber song.

3. Your Humour: It’s comical, self-deprecating and light-hearted but most of all contagious. You just make us feel good by, well, talking to us directly.

4. Your Narrative Voice: It is so vibrant and real and startling observant and stimulating. Again You challenge us as your readers to “think” while reading your work, a feat both daunting and brilliant for any writer to tackle. In such books as The Fault in Our Stars, You touch the souls of your readers and opens their minds to believe there is greatness and beauty still left to live for in this crazy world.

5. Your conscious effort to enlighten and reach out to people and the phenomenal facility with which You are able to achieve this: It is truly astounding to see the effect You have on the people You communicate with. Your Nerdfighter fan base and followers and “likes” that number in the thousands, demonstrate how amazingly far your reach extends. These are genuine admirers too. They are intelligent and loyal and appreciate all your effort and insight.

6. Literary Inspiration: You are admittedly a late stage author who has become extraordinarily successful! That gives hope to the rest of us late bloomers who have longed to be the writers we can only imagine and are steadily working toward achieving that goal.

7. Your use of Social Media: Mr. Green You fully get it! You dominate it. You have harnessed social media in the most intelligent and useful way so fully aware of how to promote, enlighten, connect, motivate and enjoy your audience and the world around You. Your legacy is already out there alive and well and flourishing with every click of the mouse.

8. Your Fearlessness: Mr. Green you seem so unconcerned about the little things. What matters is getting the message out. Whether it be promoting your upcoming First movie, charting the course of your latest project, or simply communicating with your brother, You release your words and antics out into the universe and let your audience take or leave whatever they can from You. And You ALWAYS have something to say.

9. Your Unwavering Passion toward… Whatever! Whether it’s something You’re tackling or helping to publicize for a friend or even highlighting something you’ve stumbled across, You remain just as passionate and boisterous, energetic acting as the best possible PR Agent anyone could wish for because people listen to John Green.

10. But above all… You are Inspirational!: Mr. John Green You are an inspiration not only to those of us pursuing literary endeavours, but anyone willing to take a chance on a dream, a hope, a life-changing challenge. You make us believe anything is possible and you’ve proven as much by Your own track record.

And so, today Mr. John Green, I celebrate You and salute you for all you awaken in the creative imaginations of the rest of us.

May you only continue to reach, be, challenge and enlighten.

Stay Awesome!

Thank you.

peekiequeen c. Saturday, March 1st, 2014