An Appeal to Winter

Winter bleary chilly cold
Lessen please the grip you hold
Let the hope that we are told
Come true with the sun.

Luscious green we long to see
Peeking through the Maple Tree
Leaves of plenty fresh they’ll be
Bring us back our fun.

Wander brisk Your icy grip
Makes each step a dare or slip
Hoping yet a pool to dip
Soon will rise above.

Swimming, dancing under rays
Of those glorious summer days
Making hearts sing out with praise
Nature that we love.

But with bleakness we all fear
Snow that covers will not clear
Seeking peace in sunlight dear
Fingers crossed we wait.

And like so the March Days come
Bringing hope anew we hum
Seeking glimpses, lips are mum
Spring’s uncertain fate.

Ticking clocks spring forward now
As we watch the here and how
Winter will yet take its bow
Frost fatigue might cease,

If we do but feel the heat
Idle fun will not retreat
Desperate joy we sing and beat
Gentle breeze of peace.

Open arms, we welcome you
SPRING fresh gardens start anew
Seeds and planting, much to do
Shouting we implore,

“Please send Daisies, Tulips glow
Jumping leaping to and fro
Hunger fed for light’s bright flow
Please close Winter’s door!”

peekiequeen poetry c. Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Image: Frosty by P. Antonello.