“Many people view the idea of everyone being different to be a disadvantage or source of conflict; I, as do many Torontonians, feel that it is precisely this characteristic that unites us and sets our city apart.”
Safia (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Cosmopolis Toronto a vision of light
Faces and names unknown yet stand, be, are
Colours of culture in a swirl of glass and concrete
A City alive with flavour, flowing, fantastic!
Streets decorated in flags and families, voices and shadows
A joy to behold, to learn, to understand, to see
Wandering through histories mysterious, unfamiliar
Yet built upon the backs of living human persons who dream!
The silence in expressive images waiting to reveal their stories
The eyes of Hope
The boldness of Me!
The fashion innate and personal
Existing, whether eyes open or close to what lies beyond the lens!
Like a collection of Nesting Dolls awaiting discovery
The layers of fascination buried in protective outer shells
Inviting excitement, interest, appreciation
Welcome in and meet the “Other” beyond You.

peekiequeen c. Monday, March 10, 2014

This post is inspired by Colin Boyd Shafer’s ambitious and truly fascinating photography project. His aim is to photograph a representative from every country in the world, who happens to be a resident of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Take a look and enjoy.

Images: By Colin Boyd Shafer.