St. Patrick’s Day: A personal Touchstone

st patty

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to One and All!

I love this festive time as every Shamrock makes me smile.

It’s not that I race off to the local pub for a pint and Sláinte!

It isn’t all the bright green paraphernalia sprinkled about or the fanciful ways one can wear green (although that’s always entertaining to witness).

I’m not Irish nor, as far as I know, do I possess any Irish blood.

It isn’t any of these things that particularly raises my spirits.

No, for me this festive date is personal. I am connected to the Mighty Shamrock for an intimate reason: It was the Day I said “I do.”

When St. Patty’s rolls around each year, I embrace the green because it is a reminder of that fateful moment when my husband and I committed ourselves to each other for a lifelong adventure.

It has become a benchmark, a touchstone for us.

The date wasn’t chosen to honour an Irish relative. Nor do either of us have any special affinity to St. Patrick himself. In fact, it was selected for two reasons, one, it was a relatively cheaper time of year to wed and two it was meant to help my beloved remember our anniversary (well I like to think so anyway) 🙂

But truthfully, March 17 is a treasured date for both of us. We recall when our lives came together as one and reflect on how far we’ve come together in that journey.

In an age where divorce is so commonplace, St. Patty’s Day reminds me of how much I not only appreciate but value having him by my side. Funny thing isn’t it? To be triggered by all things green and Irish?

It points to the fact that our relationship only continues to grow stronger each and every day, that there is still much we can learn about one another and that laughter and romance is alive and thriving.

And so to all who will toast this day to the Mighty Shamrock Green, I say thanks, though you don’t know it, someone miles away is smiling quietly.

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts. Copyright: March 2014

Image: from Techuloid