I waited and wanted
you didn’t appear
But came in an email
Too brief to be dear.

I longed to be chosen
The one you would call,
But chit chats and updates
Were thin and so small.

Excited you’d find me
I hoped and I prayed,
But bitter reminders
Just left me all frayed.

A LIKE in a thumbs-up
Was simply detached
As no one would say things,
My feelings unmatched.

Yet on I kept dreaming
And waiting with hope,
That something would happen,
With me you could cope,

But you didn’t need me
Too many around,
Enough for your worries
To not fall on ground.

So off I did wander
And home I would go
To wallow and ponder,
And sadness did flow.

Until in a chit chat
Not planned or arranged,
I saw You before me,
And everything changed.

For always, You were there
A bright shining light,
In darkness, confusion,
Or Joys through the night.

My eyes finally opened
No need for more pain,
A gift neatly wrapped up,
All effort could wane.

So that is enough now
Of pining and dreams.
I have all I need here.
My heart how it beams. 🙂

peekiequeen poetry c. Friday, March 28, 2014