Can You Guess… it’s not Black

I’m wearing a T shirt right now.
It has a graphic on it but it’s sort of faded.
It’s the name of a popular pop or as the Americans say, “soda.” But that’s not important.
The colour of the shirt is essentially what I am discussing here.
It’s not blue or yellow or white. It’s not even black.
It’s the colour of apples but only certain kinds of apples since not all apples are this shade. Some are green. Some are yellow.
It’s kind of like a strawberry or cherry but not as vibrant and of course it’s not a fruit. But you get the gist.
Our Canadian flag shares this colour with white and man does it ever make the Maple Leaf pop! When we mark Canada Day every summer, this colour is like a sea flowing everywhere.
Come to think of it, I believe there is a sea named this colour somewhere in the Middle East too, made famous by Moses himself.
I love this colour but only a particular shade of it, you know that vibrant primary version?
I think it can get pretty sullied when mixed with orange. Blech!
I know alot of people like this in combination with black but I don’t. I prefer it with white. Somehow that crisp pairing is awesome!
Actually its kind of tougher to describe the colour I’m wearing because it really isn’t the colour in its purest form. It’s a watered down, heathered version.
Yet I would still call it by its name. And I do really like my T’s version.
It is in a Rainbow too, usually following or preceding orange depending if the Rainbow is done right 🙂
This colour goes great with denim. That’s what I’m wearing it with now.
But I wouldn’t wear it on my lips. It would be too dark or too flashy and well I just don’t like how it appears.
Oh licorice this colour is so fun to chew. But I hate the black version. I’m not a fan of that flavour.
Ha, my socks have this colour in polka dots on a grey background right now. I don’t think it is the best combination with grey but my feet aren’t complaining.
This is an amazing shade in the fall when leaves tumble to the ground but I do like it best mixed with yellow then.
The shade of this colour as pepperoni is not my favourite either but I would still characterize it as part of the same colour family.
It appears in the famous romantic poem “Roses are…” too but that really doesn’t matter.
My sister recently told me that she wanted a dress this colour but I never really asked which shade she was referring to.
I do like this also striped with white and sometimes blue but that would depend on which blue of course.
So there you have it… a shirt that is of a colour that is not any of the others.
Can you guess what it is? 🙂

peekiequeen prose c. Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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