A Worthwhile Experience

Well… I’ve waited long enough.

I didn’t win the Short Story Contest that I entered in February and shared with great enthusiasm in the previous Blog post entitled Letting it Go.

How do I know? Because the winners were to be contacted today between 9am-5pm and well, it’s nearly 4:30 and, no special call.

I guess I’m a bit relieved after racing to my phone today each time an email pinged.

It’s not like I thought my work worthy of the highest honour a contest can bestow. I just dallied with the fantasy that perhaps, just maybe, my story was interesting and unique enough to garner some attention.

Am I sad? Well more bummed than anything else.

Was it a waste of time? Absolutely not!

In fact, it sort of kick-started something in me, a renewed vigor and desire for writing. The opportunity to learn the ins and outs of composing to word count while maintaining an intriguing message was so worth my efforts.

I am grateful to my husband for pushing me to tackle the madness that came with numerous edits, nervous doubts and overall angst.

I look forward to reading the winning entries and hopefully learning more from them.

Congratulations to the Winners! Cherish the Golden cloud you are on.