Novel Update #7

I got choked up.

I actually got emotional when I completed my… novel outline yesterday. Yes just the outline. But you see the outline, which has been written and rewritten a hundred times, is now done, like officially done and my novel is completely mapped out.

I know how it will end and it both excites and saddens me. I’m more excited to see the characters reach their fulfillment. I’ll easily let that sad feeling come when it’s deserved.

I haven’t just started by the way. I’m actually on Chapter 48. I have just spent the past two months figuring things out and what was required to see my “creative offspring” reach their potential. I couldn’t write until I worked that all out.

So now I’m prepared and ready to set my new deadline, a hard and fast one at that, to complete the manuscript for Fallout before the end of June when summer hits and kids are home and time is lost.

So that is my goal right now and I am endeavouring to see it through.

I have been writing the new chapters and, as usual, been astounded in how the story continues to take on a life of its own. I’m amazed at how I can sit at the computer, start typing away and have no idea myself where the characters will lead me. I wrote a scene the other day that started with an impromptu drive and ended with a moving discovery.

I love that about writing… the mysterious journey it takes us writers on. That’s what’s keeps us hungry for more, coming back again and again to keep at it. It’s that magical revelation, that unfolding episode that catches us off guard and makes us believe in our own imagination.

Check out a sample from a previous update at Novel #6 Flash Fiction Sample.

And so on it goes… Chapter 47 down, Chapter 48 has begun. Where will I be tomorrow I wonder…

peekiequeen copyright Wednesday, April 30, 2014