Wanting Writing…

Wanting writing now to do,
Can’t find time, but words push through.

Busy bodies fill my home,
Family here, we fly and roam.

Happy hearts about the place,
Stories told with crazy face.

Daunting dishes fill my sink,
Garbage, overflowing stink.

Loving laughter echoes ’round,
Will be sad when silent bound.

Silly siblings take their turn,
Grief in leaving, tears do burn.

Precious parents linger on,
Day-trips, strolls and then they’re gone.

Weary worn I move ahead,
Desperate just to lay in bed.

Heartfelt hugs, I open door,
Bid farewell, then… wash my floor.

Wondrous writing will resume,
Once I go and dust my room.

peekiequeen poetry, copyright Thursday, May 22, 2014