List Poem: A Lost Phone

Ticket and passport in hand.
Finally, like a dream, England bound!
English hotel is perfect, atmosphere intoxicates
Small London suburb is home away from home
A taste of business life: crazy opposite-side-of-street commute through ’roundabouts so unfamiliar
The meeting of international colleagues who quickly become friends
A day on my own
Excitement builds as Tube ride thrills
A luncheon with a home-away friend fascinates beyond words as a peek into daily life abroad inspires
Traditional delightful London cab whisks me away
Downtown shopping
Crumbling walls with Bullet hole scars
Covent Gardens… nuff said
The exhilaration of independence and success at Day’s end
Dazzled by cinematic cab ride and London’s Eye
Waterloo station: a moment in Timeless Time
Boarding train and a shocking realization
Smartphone-less, the tragedy of loss devastates
Retracing steps in rapidity
Covent Garden, cab ride, cinematic nothing… too upset to notice
Desperate to make contact with loved one to share grief
Back on train, weight of misery crushing
Tears flood when husband reunites to learn news
Worries allayed as “a device can be replaced, a person cannot”
Safe and sound
Safe but unsound, as pain of events linger
Homeward bound
Shaping memories to suppress grief
Years later, all… an incredible experience.

peekiequeen (list) poetry copyright Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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