A moment for Celebration…

I Love to Write!

I think I mentioned that the day I began this Blog last Fall. Having written in one form or another since I was quite young, I cannot imagine any other way for me to properly or fully express myself.

Since I began this Blog, I have realized that my love for Story Telling has hardly waned but rather flourished through such fun activities as Daily Post Writing Challenges, Writing prompts and helpful writing tools as 642 Things To Write About.

But I have also discovered a renewed passion for poetry.

Even though I would say the narrative voice of my fiction is something I feel more comfortable identifying with, Poetry has snuck up on me completely by surprise.

Its amazing how a thought or experience can take shape, meld and move and transform into something wonderful.

I used to Love to write Poetry many years ago. But it has been a long time since I’ve used that literary form to express myself.

Yet since The Expressible Café opened 🙂 I have found it to be a wondrously new way to speak and share again.

So when the opportunity arose to submit some work, I jumped at the chance. Reviving a poem I wrote nearly 20 years ago, I reinvigorated it with a new outlook and a fresh voice.

And so, I am proud to share a small writing success. I have been published in the whimsically wonderful and creatively inspirational Digital Magazine The Write Life

Hey, every little bit counts right?

Here’s to more Literary surprises ahead…


peekiequeen a.k.a. Paula Antonello Moore / copyright Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And a very sincere farewell to Maya Angelou. May you continue to inspire even at rest.