A World of Colour

world cup

The flurry rises everywhere
The fastest ones are free
To race and fly and jump about
The magic ball to knee.

The lists and posts, the photos too
Cannot contain the dreams
They’re felt by players, fans and all
In boisterous shouts and screams.

It’s recap time, they break it down
Opinions fill the air
But all that matters is the clock
As time kicks off with flare.

The battle’s on again you see
The speed, the fight, the sweat
It is the edge of seat we grip
Ignoring phone and pet.

Colour explodes in stands, on field
Such vibrancy and bold
Then worn with pride as fans stand tall
And cheer their faves, I’m sold.

The energy, I can’t contain
I tune in everyday
I wish my feet could run and dance
The way those players play.

Comradery in fiercest match
Admirable and strong
But when those dives take over moves
The game can go all wrong.

Yet hope pervades as cheers ignite
The fits pumps and the shouts
The flags unfurled and waved so high
True faith takes over doubts.

So don’t tell me about the date
I’ll watch each kick and bend.
Such vigour it intoxicates
I don’t want it to end.

peekiequeen poetry, Tuesday, June 17, 2014