A Pause Most-needed

in thoughts of you

The silky film
Dances lightly beyond there
Framed by white boards

Three candle sticks
Firm, thin, red, unlit
Held in an iron grasp, sturdy

A crisp sheet
Drapes smooth over the seat
Where she sits still, serene

The china cup
Balances on a thin pedestal
Her hand cradles all in distraction

This is new
A life begins and ends
From this single view

She rests quiet
Captivated by what she sees
And does not see

A dark sheath
The colour of night
Clings to her in stark contrast

Everything else lies
Peacefully taupey pale
The perfect backdrop for a clean slate

Has she arrived?
Will she leave?
Is this a moment in time unexpected? Deliberate?

She waits there
Respite with tea, mesmerized
As the world outside shimmers in a misty haze

Perfection truly
How can it not be?
Beauty startling and pure

Is she excited?
Sad and pensive thoughts clutter round
A pause most needed

Her legs crossed
Stiff, tightly woven
Fixed into heels of purpose

Chocolate beneath her
Hard and rich yet lacking in sweetness
It remains her foundation

Her hair curled
A ledge that sways if her head moved
Bangs in precise position

She is absorbed
In all that encompasses her
Engulfs, embraces, holds her motionless

A bell rings
It is close and far
Her thoughts dissipating into the shadows

Still she sits
Her arm stiff now as pearls press into her skin
The cup must be put down

But there locked
Entranced by future, present, past
She cannot budge

At last calm
She will stay there until she cannot
And then she will rise and begin it all

peekiequeen prose, copyright Saturday, June 21, 2014

Image: In Thoughts of You by Jack Vettriano