The First time I killed a man…

It was the first time a killed a man
For that I’m sure to say
It wasn’t in me, or my plan
That dark and fateful day.

I can’t remember much of it
My memory has broke
But what I’ll say, I had a fit
Then swung and hit that bloke.

His head hit hard upon the bar
I didn’t think it’d hurt
The blood ran down, I saw the car
I ran and smacked the dirt.

The woman who was sitting there
Stood up and wept so loud
Her tears, her hands, her screams and stare
A strangling terror cloud.

I sat inside the car so still
I couldn’t turn the key
I felt my stomach ache so ill
And all eyes hot on me

The bartender, a friend of old
Came out and had a word
Events began to move, unfold
And all of it absurd.

I didn’t leave, I didn’t flee
I went back in that place
I helped the woman clearly see
The pain upon my face.

I didn’t mean to kill that man
She had to know the truth
I sat her down, she waved a fan
We spoke inside a booth.

The ambulance arrived on scene,
My stomach lurched some more.
She screamed at me and was so mean
I couldn’t see the door.

Then finally I stood up so high
Upon the table tall,
I shouted “I’m so sorry guy!”
Then I began to fall.

The blood, the yelling, everything
Made images blur grey
I was the one, the evil thing
They would forever say.

But barman Joe announced above
“There is no evil here,
My friend he’s lost all of his love
Don’t blame him in your fear.”

The medics left and took that gent
The woman went off too,
The officer, a hand he lent
The cuffs, he had to do.

So that dark day all joy did end
No job, no kids, no wife,
No love, no happiness, no friend
Just one sad bitter life.

peekiequeen poem, copyright Saturday, July 5, 2014

Writing Challenge: “Write a scene that begins, ‘It was the first time I killed a man.’” From 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.