The Writer’s trek


The screen sits still
Blinking cursor beckons
The block, the wait, the anticipation
Slowly your mind comes to life
Black on white
Words take shape
In the twisty curls of letters
Characters are formed
A story unfolds
From imagination written on the page
A being perks to life
A life formed, filled with breath
Breath breathes emotion
Emotion stirs feeling and thought
The journey begins for him, for her
You are awakened
You travel along the way
You hope and fear and dream and weep
Chapter upon Chapter
Page upon page
You move effortless or trudge the challenging trek
An ending must come
A peace, a purpose
A newfound direction to step to
A pause or lunge
Stroll with mind open
Awake with sensation
Come to the road’s edge
And… move on.

peekiequeen poem, copyright Sunday, July 6, 2014