Ode to the Gundai


The boys gather round
They’re all on the ground
They move in seamless sway

Their laughs fill the air
With casual flare
In days of endless play.

I try to keep up
No drink in my cup
I long for small respite

The pool water splash
A sip, then a dash
I long for gentle night.

I do love each one
Such days filled with fun
The memories explode

The beds are a mess
A slight bit of stress
Then laundry my mode.

A walk then a ride
They gather outside
My head is in a twirl

Then dinner is fed
And maybe to bed
My wine a swish and a swirl.

The countdown is on
In three days they’re gone
Their cousins feel the pain

Then fresh beds are made
The chaos does fade
Til all begins again.

peekiequeen poetry summer, copyright Thursday, July 17, 2014