Novel Update #8

I have failed.

I humbly acknowledge my failure in completing my Novel before the end of June.

Try as I might, summer has gotten the best of me and my precious writing.

I wanted to be efficient and productive but alas find myself trying desperately to sneak in a little time here, a sentence or episode there.

Since this is the most “down time” I have yet to have all summer, I have finally gotten back to the manuscript.

The kids are in camps and visitors are not expected again until at least the weekend.

Yet in the meantime, there is a birthday to plan, baking to be done, decorations to go up, a house to be cleaned and groceries to be stocked.

So this is why I have felt the need to come clean and admit, I am struggling a bit here.

I did however finish TWO CHAPTERS today. So I must be pleased with that result and celebrate tiny victories.

Fallout is almost done… For REAL!

I have a few more chapters left and then plan on taking a breather from it til Fall.

Then I will begin my own editing en route to finding a proper Editor.

So my friends, there you have it, yet another confession from a struggling writer trying so earnestly to liberate her inner story while attempting to navigate daily LIFE in all its swiftness.


peekiequeen, copyright Tuesday, July 22, 2014