A Distant Anguish

I waited for all to arrive here,
A house-full of loved ones to stay,
While out there a family was grieving,
The end of a time spent away.

My family packed in for a visit
The dinners and pool fun in rain,
But that mom and dad won’t be sharing
Such joy when so paralyzed in pain.

Now chaos has finally ended
My home is a quiet with calm,
But their home is empty forever
No hugs, kisses, nor soothing balm.

My clean up is simple and steady
My sadness is there while I hum,
But there is no solace in sorting
The things of lost children when numb.

It’s in this rare peace that I sit here
I’m sad for the gang that has left,
But my heart aches for those who suffer
With numerous tears, so bereft.

The NEWS tells of violence and war now
Shot planes that fall out of the sky,
Because I am yet a young mother
I sit here and watch while I cry.

I cannot do anything for them
These families left so distraught,
But pray as if standing beside them,
A comfort so desperately sought.

I watch my own smile and play nice
I want them to stay safe and dear,
For those precious parents who ache there,
Are strangled by grief and deep fear.

The summer continues to roll on,
Spontaneous plans fill our day,
But those parents weep as they sit still,
In rooms once filled with mirth and play.

I wish I could reach out and hug them
An anguish relentless inside,
Though I seem a simple observer,
Of NEWS stories miles outside,

I share in their sorrow profoundly,
I mention their names in my prayers,
A misery distant yet closer,
Than happy-go-lucky day cares.

So though I may seem sure and happy,
As memories are lived and are made,
Three children in mind I will hold fixed,
And promise their faces won’t fade.

Dedicated to Rin Norris and Anthony Maslin, the parents of Mo, Otis and Evie who were killed, along with their grandfather, in MH17 plane crash, July 17.

peekiequeen poetry, copyright Monday, August 4, 2014