Novel Update #9: DONE!


It’s Done!

I have completed my manuscript for FALLOUT as of last night at 10:30pm.

And I cried. Yes, I wept for the end and the completion of the journey for my characters.

It took seven years, a couple of kids, a house move, numerous adventures and several revisions and outlines, but it is DONE!

Now I breathe and savour a small bit of freedom to clean the house, finish scrapbooks, go through the junk drawer, all those strange and wonderful “TO DO LIST” items I have been putting off.

It’s funny how something can consume your life for so long that you aren’t sure how to behave once it’s over.

Not to say I’ve seen the last of my characters. I’m fully aware that the Editing Process will consume me for quite some time. But to reach a point that was longed for is truly a wonderful feeling.

And so, stay tuned for the next phase.

I hope to begin the editing process (and updates to you 🙂 ) in September.

For now, I sigh and smile.


peekiequeen copyright Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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