At Summer’s End


At Summer’s End
The Bend, the fold
The towel lies there wet and cold.

The Splashy Blue
The hue, the joy
The crazy chaos floating toy.

The Heated Feet
The Seat, the bake
The run and dry off spots to take.

A Cheetos Mess
The less, the more
Then soaking bare feet at the door.

An Awesome Day
The play, the fun
A BBQ out in the sun.

A Sleepy Haze
A maze, supplies,
The bus arrives with friendly “Hi’s”

A Sad Farewell
A bell, the squeals,
Then school resumes with friend-filled meals.

A Piercing Peace
A cease, no sound
The lonely quiet oddly found.

peekiequeen poetry, copyright Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photo from Lit Wrap.