Finding a “Little Happy”


Today while at a vibrant home furnishings store, I picked up a set of 6 Melamine mixing bowls.

I bought them because they were arranged in a beautiful rainbow array of colour from the smallest bowl of turquoise to tangerine, purple, indigo, lime green ending with the largest salad size at red.

I wasn’t particularly eager to start baking or anything (though they are much-needed in that area). I bought them because they made me Happy. When I brought them home, my kids were just as excited planning future uses from, “We can use the small ones for cereal” to “that red one is perfect for Popcorn!”

And that made me Happy.

It wasn’t the material good that I purchased and in doing so left me fulfilled and contented to add yet another “thing” to the household.

It was finding a small Little Happy in my day: Colour.

There are things all around us that can lift our spirits because they speak to ONLY us in a specific way. For example I also have a porcelain bookend on my desk of two yellow rain boots. It’s slightly chipped and doesn’t have a matching partner end which is probably why I was granted a discount.

It’s not even holding up any books since it doesn’t sit on a shelf. But each and every time I look at it, it makes me smile. I imagine carefree playfulness in the rain and it inspires me to capture such a nuanced episode in life in my own writing.

That all comes to me simply by having that little fixture around.

My favourite Little Happy is the SELF-PORTRAIT 3-D figurine of Mickey Mouse painting a portrait of “himself” only it’s not his image on the canvas but that of Mr. Walt Disney.

The deeper meaning of creating something that has come to life yet recognizes its own existence as being intertwined with the very life of its creator astounds me. And that further makes me Happy.

It’s inspirational, hopeful, mentally stimulating just to gaze upon it.

There is great value in these “Little Happys” especially in a world where darkness can creep in daily on the news and hopelessness can snuff out even the brightest light. Why else do children hug their stuffed toys so lovingly tight? They totally get it.

I hope there is some small memento lying around your home that makes you smile a bit more just by looking at it, holding it, a personal little pick-me-up.

Go on and enjoy your Little Happy and allow yourself a moment or two to smile and just feel good, for life is too fleeting not to.

peekiequeen Thoughts, Thursday, September 4, 2014