Happy Anniversary to the Café!



It’s The Expressible Café’s First Anniversary!

It has been one year since I launched this Blog and I can barely believe it.

When The Expressible Café opened in September 2013, I had no idea where I was going to go with my writing. I wanted a comfortable space to write freely, to imagine and wander around exploring what it meant to be a writer.

I even employed a pen name unsure of how my work would be received and basically hoped for the best. And now I can proudly say I am pleased with The Expressible Café’s first year service.

Not only have intentions been fulfilled, I feel I am a stronger writer because of it. Having the freedom to experiment with poetry, writing challenges, prose exercises and the like, has allowed me to stretch my creativity in a much broader range than I was used to.

But most of all, I have appreciated each and every guest who has stopped on in for a stroll around the Café. And I further celebrate everyone who has signed on as a “regular” by following me.

Now, I move forward with a Fresh NEW Look for the Café and the boldness to declare who I am. And so here is a nice artsy shot of me, at the Top of the Rock, New York City, not long ago.

May the next year be just as exciting as I welcome new guests to The Expressible Café.

Cheers and Thank You.

Paula Antonello Moore copyright: Monday, September 8, 2014