bench at top of mountain wallpaper.jpg

I thought the mark, would bring the spark, lark of an idea
It went off well, so swell, I could tell there’d be more
If only the drive, could thrive beyond mere surviving it all
I’d do my best, accept the test, happily quest the journey
But so much doubt, what’s this about, no clout to stand concrete
It’s been a ball, but to be tall, you need to enthrall always
Can I raise, the higher praise to meet the craze of success
I have to see, and let be, what’s in front of me beyond the now
And so I try, and by and by, I will search the sky for what is to come
I’ll hope and pray, that someday the meaning sought will play outside my dreams
And I will sit, with much less fit, and so hit the mark I long for.

Paula Antonello Moore poetry, copyright: Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Image: Bench at top of mountain from Wallpaper up