Julia Roberts and… ah… Me


In the September issue of In Style Magazine, actress Julia Roberts graces the cover. In it, there’s a question and answer article with the magazine’s editor Ariel Foxman. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed those Q&As offering insight into the person behind the celebrity.
And so, as a funny little activity, I was inspired to answer the SAME questions she was offered only replacing certain career-related questions with things that apply to my life. So, here it goes…

Ok so you and your husband have been married for some time. I’m about to get married. Do you have any tips on how to keep it together?
I would say keep talking. Talking, communicating is the key to any relationship. Don’t have secrets and NEVER go to bed angry.
I might be the type who always has to have the last word.
Well get over that or else you will always look at a discussion as a competition. Just listen attentively. Sometimes there really isn’t anything more to be said. And don’t forget, a kiss can go a long way. 🙂
That’s good advice. My fiancé, who’s part Cuban, wants to learn a Latin dance routine that we can perform together at the reception. It’s something we’ve been “discussing” a lot lately.
Ah… good for you? Can we get back to the interview please?
You’ve decided it for me — I’m doing it. So sitting here with you, I want to know: Has Paula Antonello Moore ever been starstruck?
Yes definitely. Some years ago, I worked in Toronto as a newspaper reporter. I managed to attend the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) several times which was a lot of fun. That was my closest encounter with celebrity and I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse or two of some of the elite. Gwyneth Paltrow brushed passed me after a press conference for her late father Bruce’s film Duets. Liv Tyler smiled at me while doing press for her movie and British actor Ralph Fiennes stared into my eyes when posing for a photo. Pretty cool huh? I saw many other actors as well like Kevin Spacey and Richard Gere and even listened to Ethan Hawke which was a real treat having been such a huge fan of Dead Poets Society. But the other experiences stood out more.
How has Hollywood changed you since you started out?
I still like going to movies if that’s what you’re wondering. I still enjoy a good heartfelt drama and great collaboration between actors. As a writer, a really good story is what matters… but there is also a time and place for BIG special effect blockbusters. I mean I LOVE the Marvel Super Hero films. I’m not a fanatic Comicon fan but I do appreciate that they are well-written and so very entertaining to watch.
That’s interesting. Can you elaborate?
The Super Hero films of today are smarter. It’s like someone spoke up and said, “What if we re-imagined Super Heroes without the campiness of the 1960’s? What if we wrote solid layered stories and brought in great but unconventional Talent to play the roles? I bet the adults would be drawn to them more than just tagging along for their kids.” So they did with Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, and even Gwyneth Paltrow, and suddenly the tone and quality changed with it.
So if you had to create a definitive boxed set of your BLOG POSTS for your kids, which ones would you include?
My son loves my Ode to LEGO. But I would also add, in no real order: my tribute to the late great Robin Williams , Quest , The First Time I killed a Man, The Choice, The Writer’s Trek,
The Carpenter Who Brought Candy and any of my other Fiction, as a simple sampling.
All amazing Posts. Do you believe fate played a hand in the Posts you’ve written?
In terms of moments of inspiration, perhaps sometimes Fate has led me to a thing or an experience especially in such pieces as A Pause Most-Needed or Unspoken Speaking which were inspired by paintings I stumbled across. So yes, sometimes I do feel Fate plays a part. But real-world events can also spark a creative idea or move me to write as seen in the death of Robin Williams.
In a recent interview, you said that your preparation for Your novel FALLOUT involving some serious medical research was the first time you felt like a “real writer.”
Yes well the subject matter of how the main character of Sam becomes terribly sick is related to a real-life event. So I wanted to make sure I completely understood what happened there in order to incorporate it into the story.
Still, you’ve tackled newspaper writing in the past. Do you ever want to return to newspaper and journalism?
Too much has changed in the industry and frankly I’m not interested in that avenue of writing anymore. News writing requires facts and precision of detail in terms of very little creativity and more hard-hitting information. Novel writing, poetry, these are ways of expressing ideas, inspiration in more creative and beautiful ways. It’s a much better fit for me.
Tell us a few questions you never want to be asked again.
How about “Are you going to look for a job now that your novel’s done?” as if that is a side project I do for fun. It’s not.
That’s the only question? That can’t be it.
Honestly, people don’t ask me enough questions. So I’m game for anything.
That’s what my mother wanted me to ask you!
Really? Weird.
So what’s life like at home?
Smooth and so very happy.
In what regard?
I love everyone who lives with me and we all get along quite well. A very homey place to be.
Has your culinary repertoire changed since having kids?
I can cook a few more things. But if I had a choice, I would prefer someone coming into the house to cook for me instead. I love to eat. I don’t relish the preparation side of things.
Are your kids allowed to have junk food?
Sparingly. We’re good that way and that makes it more fun for them when a “treat” can be a real “treat.” Just like video game play. Too much of any of it is not good.
You know, I googled you to see what searches came up. And besides “Julia Roberts films” and “Julia Roberts net worth” there’s “Julia Roberts’ feet.” Odd right?
Yeah. You were looking under the wrong name.
How gorgeous they are.
What? Her feet? Seriously? Blech!
Gear shift — let’s put some energy into a discussion of style. How much do you think about your red-carpet choices?
In terms of dressing up you mean? I think carefully and do my best to find things that make me feel good and are appropriate for the company I’m with. I just try to avoid high heels as much as possible. I prefer boots instead.
Well , as a magazine that strives to make getting dressed a joy, I hope it’s still exciting for you in other ways.
I’m kidding. I guess I’d deal with the heels if I had to. To wear something flowy and gorgeous would be incredible
If you had to pinpoint your aesthetic, how would you describe it?
I love colour! I’m not a huge fan of black and white. And comfort is of utmost importance. I’m not into ponchos or skinny jeans, matchy-matchy jewellery or to tight anything, though I do like the occasional clingy dress.
Your style has remained so consistent over the years. But what about you in general has changed?
Actually I disagree. I have finally found my style. It took a long time for me to connect between what I wanted to wear and what actually suited me well. When I started working out more regularly and losing weight, dressing became a lot more fun. So now shopping for clothes isn’t a chore but a thrill. As for how I’ve changed in general? The opinion of others is not a driving force behind much anymore. That comes with age of course. The only person’s opinion that really matters to me is my husband’s. His honesty keeps me sharp.
Do you get nostalgic?
All the time. I was just reviewing home movies the other night and can hardly believe my children have grown so much. And I am always thinking about my childhood trips up north. They are a part of me, a thread so tightly intertwined I can’t shake them. Nor do I want to. Time really does fly and there’s nothing you can do about that but savour every single moment and make the best memories you can.
What are three things on your bucket list?
1. Get my Novel published.
2. Visit Anne Frank’s Attic in Amsterdam.
3. Take a romantic trip alone with my husband.
Do you live by any kind of motto?
From Dead Poets Society, I have always remembered, “SEIZE THE DAY!” I try to abide by that and be nice and ALWAYS be thankful.

Paula Antonello Moore, fun with writing, Copyright: Thursday, September 18, 2014