Taking the Next Step


Well I must admit this time around was so much better.

I attended the annual Writers Fest again and I’m so pleased to say that I had a much better experience than last year (One Lowly Writer in the Sea.)

How was this year better?

Well for one thing, I was prepared. I thoroughly researched the authors who would be speaking, read some of their books (as I mentioned earlier Confessions of a Proud Writer), and planned things with purpose.

I managed to put together a Writer’s Retreat weekend for myself. The Retreat was comprised of five Writer Studio lectures run by either published writers or professionals in the business including a literary agent and publicity manager, and three General Admission interest talks mixed in between, over two days.

Thanks to hubby who minded the homestead, I not only came away from the event eager, enthusiastic and energized, I felt a real discernible Hope return.

I took advantage of speaking directly to the professionals, asking questions about the process and swapping business cards. And I… bought MORE books, YIKES! I know, I know but I was able to have them personally signed by the authors themselves. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity now could I?

But the best part, was that I made contact with one particular established author who I may be working with in the future for some guidance with my manuscript.

It’s so easy for us to think things are unbearably bleak out there. It is definitely a challenging road for any of us struggling writers. Yet from my own experience and the general advice offered up at the Festival this year, we just gotta keep at it.

When I told one of the authors that I wished to be like him someday, sitting behind a table and signing my book, he said, “Well what do they say about writers, ‘Writers keep writing?’ Good luck to you.” And when another, highly awarded author and Order Of Canada recipient heard that I wrote two books though unpublished, she added, “Good for you! I know how hard that is.”

Of course this is not to say that today, only two days later, I’m not feeling terribly overwhelmed and a bit nervous to take that Next Step. But I AM going to Take It!

As long as drive and perseverance continue in me, I’m going to push on.

I hope you will too. Good luck to all of us 🙂

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts, Copyright: Monday, September 29, 2014

Image: Woman Climbing Stairs by Getty Images