Sunset Tree

I do not like it when a tree
becomes as naked as can be
and shakes me up, it brings such woe
to see those branches empty blow

when arms become mere twigs its true
as all the colours drain of hue
I close my eyes and wish so bright
and hope that Spring will bring delight

but Spring from Fall is long to wait
and Wintry days bring bare bone state
to all that stand above us here
and snowy white can bring a tear

yet underneath that cold and frost
is sacrifice that pays in cost
for beauty will return in time
and joy will be renewed sublime

so patience is what I will trust
and watch those leaves crumple to dust
I’ll ride the wave of chilly days
and long for radiant glory praise

that comes when leafy coats in bloom
distract a weary grey from gloom
and all those Trees will do their part
by lifting soul and brightening heart.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, October 27, 2014

Bare Tree at Sunset image from Wikimedia Commons