A bond set
When two met
With no fret
They played.

A sweet vow
They knew how
To bring wow.
Friend made.

At just three
They shared free
A name, see.
They knew.

A life long
Two gals strong
No time wrong
It’s true.

In laughs light,
With toys bright,
Slumber night,
And seal,

They’d grow there
With deep care
A joke, dare
Their deal.

In just one
So much fun
Yes barnone
Could take

A fraction
Of action
Or fake.

As sisters
A dance whirs
It all stirs
For life,

When time spent
A “mine” lent
Such joy sent
No strife.

I want it
That rare bit
As they sit

These two girls
Such sweet pearls
Light Dark twirls
I sigh.

They hope far
On night’s star
With no mar
They’ll share

A same place
Face to face
Alike pace,
A pair.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Sunday, November 2, 2014

Image: Tumblr Kids

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